Education At The Edge Of Chaos

Educators talk a lot about the growing complexity in higher education. But when things become complex and uncertain it is harder to predict the outcome of interventions. And it is this simple truth that makes measuring impact a challenge. The simple truth is embedded in complex adaptive systems theory, based on chaos theory. Lees verder Education At The Edge Of Chaos


Artificial Intelligence The Gamechanger For Higher Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming many human activities . Uber has disrupted the taxi sector, Airbnb the hotel industry and Amazon disrupted first the bookselling sector and then the whole retail industry. It is only a matter of time until the higher education sector undergoes a significant transformation, highly influenced by AI. Lees verder Artificial Intelligence The Gamechanger For Higher Education

Higher Education Future Forward

Forecasting the future is always a difficult affair, especially in this age of rapidly changing technology and times. So this ‘forecast’ is based on experience, reading, watching and personal meaning. I’m working hard to make learning awesome and significant. That’s why I want to share this and interact on it. Lees verder Higher Education Future Forward

Innovation in Higher Education

Innovation is a loaded word in higher education. More and more institutes dedicate resources to change initiatives often coupled with entrepreneurship and startup culture. It looks like these are the new neoliberal values, the leading edge of corporatization of higher education. Lees verder Innovation in Higher Education

Dealing With Uncertainty

When we talk about innovation in higher education, what we are talking about is how to manage uncertainty and complexity. Complex systems share many of the attributes of biological systems. In these kind of systems the environment is constantly in flux and the ways forward are not clear, rather emerge as agents interact with their environment. Lees verder Dealing With Uncertainty

Higher education in a VUCA world?

It has become a common thing to say that we life in a complex, fast-changing world. But educators have been slow to adapt their programmes to meet the demands of the new age. VUCA is a world defined by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. In this world, decision-making and strategic thinking are contextual driven. Instead, the operating context is dynamic, volatile and constantly changing. Thus, historical relativities are no longer valid. This kind of uncertainty brings with it a lack of predictability, an absence of familiarity and increased prospects for surprise. It demands a high sense of awareness and alertness. Lees verder Higher education in a VUCA world?

Blockchain to Disrupt Higher Education

We are at a point in higher education that we are desperately searching for radical change in our methodologies of imparting knowledge. Over the years we have introduced a variety of subjects into the curricula and are using novel ways to teach. Experiential and experimental ways of teaching-learning are given importance. However, the institutions still remain. Today, no learned person without a degree from a conventional educational system can think of getting employment within the mainstream ecosystem. Is that a great achievement of society or an unsuspecting side effect of the system? Lees verder Blockchain to Disrupt Higher Education