Game Changer Bait

Becoming game changer bait is all about being energized, passionate, consistently focused, and creating a high impact every single day. But does this attitude have anything to do with your success? Can your mindset play a vital role in accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams? Lees verder Game Changer Bait


Higher Education Needs To Be Inconvenient

Convenience is the dominant driver of our culture. It turns out that the quest for convenience also drives many of the choices we make about education. It’s more convenient to have standardized tests and rigid curricula, so we don’t have to treat every student differently. Lees verder Higher Education Needs To Be Inconvenient

Flipped Classroom Needs Learning Facilitators

What might be the future of effective education? Many teachers are looking at the flipped classroom model. Within this model students consume knowledge online, on their own, and class time is devoted to discussions and interactive problem-solving. The teacher in this scenario would not act as a gateway between knowledge and students (which in the middle ages made sense because of the scarcity of books) but instead act as a learning facilitators. Lees verder Flipped Classroom Needs Learning Facilitators

A Role For Higher Education In Creating A Sustainable Future

Sustainable development can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. As such, sustainable development not only deals with environmental issues, but economic, social and cultural issues as well. Given the increased demands placed on societies and the environment it is clear that global action is needed to create a more sustainable future. Higher education can play a vital role as an important knowledge producer. Lees verder A Role For Higher Education In Creating A Sustainable Future

Learn From The Future

Learning takes place in a time of disruptions. In this context, VUCA, most leaders, change makers and teachers feel stuck. A feeling of being unable to redirect the learning in any significant and constructive way. We are, in Otto Scharmer’s words: ‘collectively creating results that (almost) nobody wants’. Lees verder Learn From The Future

Who Is Right?

Knowledge is no longer controlled by people or organisations. We work in a culture where knowledge arises from co-creation, is dynamic and distributed to the whole community. So, who decides who is right or wrong? Lees verder Who Is Right?

Education At The Edge Of Chaos

Educators talk a lot about the growing complexity in higher education. But when things become complex and uncertain it is harder to predict the outcome of interventions. And it is this simple truth that makes measuring impact a challenge. The simple truth is embedded in complex adaptive systems theory, based on chaos theory. Lees verder Education At The Edge Of Chaos