Learning Is Living It Out

During my work as a lecturer, performance coach and blogger I invested in empowering people around me. As a teacher/coach I coached students to take the extra mile. I listened, I lecturered, I coached on mindset and confidence. I supported students, I worked with them. I am proud of them. I am grateful to work with young people who have a passion for teaching and learning or a passion to make a difference. 

As a performance coach I am grateful to work with talented athletes who want to get the best out of it. As a blogger I am grateful for the people who read my posts. People, you who took time to read, to share and to comment. It motivated me to take the extra mile. It still does.

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My blog: trenducation continues at www.dinantroode.com because I feel the urge to put my ideas into practice more than I already do. That’s why I created a platform to share my insights (blog) and projects (portfolio) to have a greater impact in the world. So, this is my last post on: trenducation and I hope you will continue reading my posts on www.dinantroode.com.

empowered learning


I want to end this post with a song on Alain Clark that is inspiring to me. I hope it will inspire you.

learning is living it out!

Don’t ever hold back your words
Thinking that what you say is irrelevant who else would care
See we feed of off each other yeah
And it’s alright to speak your mind
Don’t you worry about the way you move
Cause there’s a million different ways in how to do
And if the blood on your hands and knees are your excuse
It’s alright to fall you’ll learn
Only if we dig do we get deeper
Only if we think do we figure things out
Nothing ever came of any dreamer
Who didn’t live it out
Don’t pull the shades
Let the light shine through and brighten up the place
No don’t be safe
Let your dreams come out and play
Only if we dig do we get deeper
And only if we think do we figure things out
Nothing ever came of any dreamer
Who didn’t live it out
So YOU just live it out!

  (Alain Clark, Live It Out)


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