Why I Work in Education

I call myself a gentle disruptor. Sometimes it is a real struggle for me. Work as an educational disruptor mostly doesn’t pay. It’s against the main stream. Many of you might think I am, at least a bit, crazy. Why am I doing it? ‘A better education for students so we can build a better world’ might feel vague and unreal to you. With expressing deeply held convictions you could loose friends and image. Yet having chosen this path I find it very enriching too. For me fulfillment and meaning are the best drugs there is. That is why I’m working hard to make learning awesome and significant.


So, lets dive into the benefits I experience: meaning, gratitude, shiny eyes and connectedness.
Meaning – it’s not about size of impact or outcomes. It is about going for it. Finding meaning is something personal. For me it’s not about instant happiness or joy at work. It is about the long term fulfilment that gives energy and joy. For me it’s about working hard to make learning awesome and significant. I do have an impact, often without knowing how and why, with things that matters, which brings me to gratitude.
Gratitude – I am very thankful to students telling me I changed their life, or helped them. Because I give, without knowing what the impact will be. Recently I received a beautiful book as a gift, so beautiful to recieve. An important lesson is: remember that not being rich, doesn’t mean being poor in experiences. These students make me feel I matter. Being thankful, and working for what matters, also leads to meeting other openhearted people. Which brings me to shiny eyes.


shiny eyes

Shiny eyes – I meet a lot of people, also students, with shiny eyes. They follow their passion, dreams and do what matters to them. There presence is a gift to be around. When you’re fully into something you’ll start to shine. This makes you attractive to other people. Searching for shiny eyes and nuturing my shiny eyes brings me to connectedness.
Connectedness – once you seek to be part of a bigger picture, trust me it is there, take action to realise and present what you have to offer, something will happen. Suddenly loneliness is gone. People are willing to help you realise your dreams and work together, free of charge.


In play lies a gift. When you play you discover new things. Play is often the root of learning. It is through playing that we involve the whole being. People who want to have shiny eyes, people who want to play more, feel more, think more, be more creative understand this universal principle. By practising the principle of play I found more freedom too, to do what I love by being free and open about what I love. And that gives meaning and sustainable happiness in life. Let’s make learning awesome and significant together.

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