Values for the Future

Today’s students are largely affected by the technology around them. This has changed the way they think, act and communicate. These new behaviours can be very challenging to teachers, who did not grow up with this kind of technology.


The teachers are facing many challenges – one of these is that nowadays students are brought up in different ways than their teachers were in their university years.
Teacher should ask themselves, am I raising my students in the right way. ‘Will my students become a successful person with ambition? Will they become a role model or a leader?’ ‘Will they live a happy life?’

teaching for success

True research different psychologists have put together a list of elements that are suggested to be the key to raising a good and successful student in today’s world. Although these elements are quite simple, they are really important to remember.

values Future

5 Key Steps For Teachers to Take

Spend Quality Time

Be there. Not just physically, but also emotionally. Listening to your student and making conversations really helps you to bond with each other. Doing things together will teach your students to be a more caring and considerate person.

Become A Role Model

Students learn from things they see and experience. This is why you should really think about your words and actions. When you make mistakes, admit them and apologize. Be the example you want your student to become.
Another important thing is respect, which can only be earned. So always be honest, show that you are a human too and humans make mistakes. Also try to see everything as a learning opportunity and a chance to grow and become a better person. Teach this to your students as well.

Teach Them Values

It is important that your students communicate with others and learn to share. Taking other peoples’ feelings in consideration and being selfless is a really important feature and can become beneficial in the future.
The Harvard study found that caring about others is as important as one’s own happiness. This is something that teachers need to teach their students because sometimes the message is not received quickly.
This means taking responsibility and doing the right thing (even when it is not the most convenient thing to do). Be a role model and confirm your words with your actions. Remind them, that others are counting on them and it is not nice to let people down.

Teach Them Gratitude

Teach them to appreciate people and things in their life. Tell them about history and difficult times, so they would understand how lucky they really are to live in this time with plenty of opportunities. Teach them not to take their life and possibilities for granted.
The study has shown, that people, who practice gratitude in their every day lives, are more helpful, generous, compassionate and forgiving. What is most important – they are more happy and healthy. So it is definitely a key feature in a good person.

Show Them The Bigger Picture

It is a commonly known fact that students care about a small circle of family and friends. This is absolutely normal, but the difficult challenge is to teach them to empathize with people outside their circle.
Students need to learn that it all starts with one person and that they can make a big difference in someones life. So it is important to show kindness towards people you do not know so well.
The Harvard study suggested that students should learn to zoom in and listen closely to those, who are part of their inner circle, but also to zoom out and take in consideration the bigger range of people they interact with on daily basis.
Teach your students empathy – teach them to comfort a crying student and reach out to their classmates.


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