Education Is A Practice Of Freedom

I want to create learning spaces that introduces perspectives that are different from the normative ways of looking at the world. In this learning space the need for social change through formal and informal educational strategies for empowering the self and building community is addressed.

engaged pedagogy

Engaged pedagogy is a way of thinking about teaching and learning, rather than a method. It is used in different ways and for differing purposes across disciplines. Engaged pedagogy can be seen as a counteract to the overwhelming boredom, disinterest, and apathy that often characterizes the way people feel about the teaching and learning experience. Teaching is a performative act that offers the space for change, invention, spontaneous shifts. Learning is a place where paradise can be created. How can we rethink teaching practices in the VUCA world?



shift of paradigm

I believe that higher education should go beyond achieving a certain level of knowledge. The development of professional skills and conformity to the status quo needs a new paradigm of: nurture a reflective and critical stance to reality. This kind of pedagogy calls for a re-conceptualization of the knowledge base, linking theory to practice, student empowerment, incorporation of passion, to make learning more engaging and meaningful.
Teachers must be actively involved and committed to the process of self actualization that promotes their own well-being if they are to teach in a manner that empower students.
Freedom is the process that draws on the creative energy. Education, no matter formal, non-formal or informal, remains a place for all sorts of possibilities. There we have the opportunity to labour for freedom. We need openness of mind and heart to allows us to move beyond multiple boundaries.

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