Teaching in Times of the Corona Crisis is about Hope

Many posts are offering tips, do’s and don’t’s or teaching strategies to support students and help them continue to learn during this time of uncertainty. Lees verder “Teaching in Times of the Corona Crisis is about Hope”

Higher Education Has to Adapt Fast to the Corona Crisis.

With a close down of buildings and even complete lockdowns higher education suddenly shifted to online teaching. A forced experiment of enormous scale. What can we learn from it? Lees verder “Higher Education Has to Adapt Fast to the Corona Crisis.”

Limitations of Competencies in Higher Education

Higher education is undergoing a significant transformation that is leading towards a new teaching and learning paradigm. The competencies approach has a key role in this process. But I believe that the competence approach has a number of limitations and weaknesses. Time for a critical analysis of the concept of competence as it is being used in higher education. Lees verder “Limitations of Competencies in Higher Education”

Ambassador of Pilots in Chaos

Chaos, complexity and failing forward is something start-ups do. Order, structure and measured learning is what educational institutions do. That sounds contradictory, and what can we learn from it. Lees verder “Ambassador of Pilots in Chaos”

Complexity Oriented Learning, A Promise?

Our world is full of complex causalities. Understanding complex causal systems is fundamental to navigating the contemporary world. Awakening learners to these more complex patterns is half the battle. The other half concerns how easily we can overlook what’s going on. Lees verder “Complexity Oriented Learning, A Promise?”

Responsibility Of Higher Education

What is the responsibility of higher education? Higher education is preparing for work in the long term. Working in different jobs and, quite possibly, in different sectors. This means preparation for work in a different world. Work that requires learning over a lifetime, not just the first few weeks of that first job after graduation. Lees verder “Responsibility Of Higher Education”

Practice Makes Perfect, But How?

We’ve all heard it more than once: practice makes perfect! In other words, acquiring skills takes time and effort. But how exactly does one go about learning a complex subject such as surfing, math, or playing a guitar? Lees verder “Practice Makes Perfect, But How?”

Teacher Leadership

A naive teacher might think that they know best. They might think that they have all the right answers and that everyone should follow.
I know, because when I first started teaching I tought that was true, but that is so wrong. Why, I will illustrate it with sports. Lees verder “Teacher Leadership”

Give Up and Be Successful

At certain moments in life I need to reflect. I need to step out to do some deep reflection, some soul searching. Not because I lost my soul but because I want to reconnect to deepen myself, my love, my work. It’s because I want to become more successful and get closer to the person I can be. An important lesson for me is that I don’t need to add more things — I need to leave some behind. Lees verder “Give Up and Be Successful”

Game Changer Bait

Becoming game changer bait is all about being energized, passionate, consistently focused, and creating a high impact every single day. But does this attitude have anything to do with your success? Can your mindset play a vital role in accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams? Lees verder “Game Changer Bait”