My Personal Drive

My personal drive is to contribute to the development of people in such a way that they feel empowered to trust on their talents, step out of their comfort-zone and reach for their full potential. I want to create a learning experience (LX) that has life-changing potential and stimulates entrepreneurial behaviour in a Socratic environment.

It is always time to explore the future of learning – especially as teachers and coaches. It requires that you and I take time to reflect on and understand more explicitly which values and priorities underpin and connects all of the adaptive and personalized opportunities surrounding us.

I believe that learning must have a life-changing potential. Learning opens opportunities. A learning experience opens minds and worlds in ways that stretch people to become different. The experience teaches them to know more. But I’m satisfied when the experience helps people to find a passion they had never imagined that then serves as the basis of a vocation or profession to which they can devote their lives. Ultimately, people develop new ways of approaching the world, through the power of learning, changing to adapt to what they have come to understand. I love it to play a role in that beautiful process.

That is why I want to develop people by creating a learning experience. The experience connects heart, head and hands. Learning is talent driven, done in multi disciplinairy teams and coached with a grow-mindset. The focus in the learning process is on empowerment and entrepreneurship rooted in a Socratic approach. Impact is shown in getting things done. The hole learning experience is underpinned with an online environment that is adaptive, personalized and unique.
And it is this drive that keeps me going everyday. To know more about things I do, see my portfolio:

Thanks for reading, kind regards,

Dinant Roode Associate Professor Sports Studies | Performance Coach | Program Developer | Speaker | Blogger



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