This is my personal blog for more than 2 years. To know more about Dinant Roode you can visit my website: www.dinantroode.com. Because I’m working hard to make learning awesome and significant.

Trenducation reflects my personal analysis and ideas  because I want to contribute to educational change. The resemblence of my posts is reflected in: Give learning back to life. I want to realise a different perspective (#disrupt) and raise awareness. Empowering learners (#empowerment) and humanise education is my drive. I want to realise talent-based learning. Learning experiences where people are engaged, can trust on their talents, get curious and entrepreneurial…..so that they can reach their full potential and have impact in the world.

I am an Educational Designer/Advisor at the Hanze University, School of Sports Studies, based in the Netherlands, with a creative longterm vision and the ability to translate theories & ideas into stimulating concepts & practice.

Dinant Roode  Associate Professor | Performance Coach | Speaker | Blogger

Activation is an inner game. Moving audiences with stories the world really needs. Starting with the senses, moving up through the mind and finally entering our essence. For there is no greater change agent than an inspired person. I believe that every person has the ability to change.

I hope I can contribute to the professional dialogue and development of learning, coaching and education. Through my blog I hope to inspire and disrupt the status quo.


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