Empowering Students to Shape the Emerging Future?

What kind of future do you envision? What are the competences that a student of the present should master in order to be able to shape a sustainable future? As an educator, how can you support your students in such a way that they will be able to find their own answers? Asking these questions is about empowerment. If you want to know what an empowered learner is: check my other blogpost. Lees verder “Empowering Students to Shape the Emerging Future?”

Now We Are Online, What Should We Do Next?

Never in the past decade, since I’ve been professionally engaged with it, have I seen so much written about online learning on a daily basis. It has certainly become a fashionable topic. Many different opinions being debated, thankfully also a lot of useful tips on how to move courses online in an effective manner. But while the corona crisis brought online learning to the front page, we should by no means take it for granted. This forced sudden boost in popularity will not have (only) positive consequences for teaching and learning in the virtual environment. Lees verder “Now We Are Online, What Should We Do Next?”

Teaching in Times of the Corona Crisis is about Hope

Many posts are offering tips, do’s and don’t’s or teaching strategies to support students and help them continue to learn during this time of uncertainty. Lees verder “Teaching in Times of the Corona Crisis is about Hope”

How to Update Higher Education

It’s time to ask ourselves the question: how to update the educational system? How can higher education tackle the technological, environmental, and social disruptions of the 21st century? Lees verder “How to Update Higher Education”

Facilitation is Key in Learning Now

As new ways of working are popping up all over the world, so does learning. Agile, scrum, appriciated inquiry and start-up methods are challenging the status quo. This shift is driven out of the perspective to collaborate more. Making space for better, more innovative work and learning! Silos are breaking, networks are forming and co-creation is booming with the purpose to stay. So why is facilitation now more crucial than ever and why are facilitators in such high demand at the moment? Let’s break it down. Lees verder “Facilitation is Key in Learning Now”

Responsibility Of Higher Education

What is the responsibility of higher education? Higher education is preparing for work in the long term. Working in different jobs and, quite possibly, in different sectors. This means preparation for work in a different world. Work that requires learning over a lifetime, not just the first few weeks of that first job after graduation. Lees verder “Responsibility Of Higher Education”

Practice Makes Perfect, But How?

We’ve all heard it more than once: practice makes perfect! In other words, acquiring skills takes time and effort. But how exactly does one go about learning a complex subject such as surfing, math, or playing a guitar? Lees verder “Practice Makes Perfect, But How?”

Teacher Leadership

A naive teacher might think that they know best. They might think that they have all the right answers and that everyone should follow.
I know, because when I first started teaching I tought that was true, but that is so wrong. Why, I will illustrate it with sports. Lees verder “Teacher Leadership”

Deep Learning Isn’t Fast

When students do not understand how their brains learn and retain material, they can develop misconceptions about themselves as learners — such as a faulty assumption that they are bad at a subject or that they suffer from performance anxiety. Lees verder “Deep Learning Isn’t Fast”

Give Up and Be Successful

At certain moments in life I need to reflect. I need to step out to do some deep reflection, some soul searching. Not because I lost my soul but because I want to reconnect to deepen myself, my love, my work. It’s because I want to become more successful and get closer to the person I can be. An important lesson for me is that I don’t need to add more things — I need to leave some behind. Lees verder “Give Up and Be Successful”