Higher Education Future Forward

Forecasting the future is always a difficult affair, especially in this age of rapidly changing technology and times. So this ‘forecast’ is based on experience, reading, watching and personal meaning. I’m working hard to make learning awesome and significant. That’s why I want to share this and interact on it. (meer…)


Innovation in Higher Education

Innovation is a loaded word in higher education. More and more institutes dedicate resources to change initiatives often coupled with entrepreneurship and startup culture. It looks like these are the new neoliberal values, the leading edge of corporatization of higher education. (meer…)

Blockchain to Disrupt Higher Education

We are at a point in higher education that we are desperately searching for radical change in our methodologies of imparting knowledge. Over the years we have introduced a variety of subjects into the curricula and are using novel ways to teach. Experiential and experimental ways of teaching-learning are given importance. However, the institutions still remain. Today, no learned person without a degree from a conventional educational system can think of getting employment within the mainstream ecosystem. Is that a great achievement of society or an unsuspecting side effect of the system? (meer…)

Higher Education Needs A Disruptive Approach

Higher education needs disruptive change leading to innovative practices that improve learning for our students. What might have worked in the past will not necessarily have the same impact today. It’s safe to say that the shifts we are experiencing as a result of technological advances will continue to reshape our world. Disruption has become commonplace in the new world. Organizations moved from adaptation to evolution in order to not only survive, but more importantly thrive. (meer…)

Embrace Uncertainty to be Future-Proof

Recently I have had some interesting conversations where management asked me ‘how to’ future proof education and their organisation. Can we protect us against black swans in a time of raging uncertainty? Personally I think the focus on future-proofness is wrong. A focus on proof strives for a kind of certainty, or even evidence on a subject – the future – that is inherently unknown to all of us. It leads to wanting to ‘define’ and not ‘interpret’ future events, to control your destiny. (meer…)

Why Labs Don’t Work

Innovation labs, hubs and houses are everywhere. I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with people that work there. This is my inside story that gives a unique perspective on the successes and failures of labs, hubs and houses. (meer…)

P.E. a Full-Grown Profession?

Exergaming appears to increase acute physical activity among users and is being used in school settings because it is appealing to students. Despite active research in the area of exergaming, exergaming utility for increasing acute and habitual physical activity specifically in the physical education setting has yet to be confirmed. (meer…)