Thrive in a VUCA World

How could you deal with uncertainty in an entrepreneurial way to help you thrive under VUCA? What happens if you walk into a meeting with an uncertain idea that might have a positive impact on the business? Chances are high that they will ask you to provide a viable business case before you get the ‘license to act’. But what if you just can’t provide reliable data, because both idea and context are highly uncertain? Most likely, your proposal will be dismissed.

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Humanism as an Ideal for Higher Education

Higher education is in the midst of a transition. The number of students participating in higher education worldwide is expected to grow. This growth rate represents an immense increase in the global demand for higher education. This demand has been fueled by far-reaching political, economic, social, and technological changes, including legal reforms, economic competition, social movements, and technological innovations. Due to the fact that my other blogpost about humanism is my best post I hope this post will add some new perspectives and insights. Lees verder “Humanism as an Ideal for Higher Education”

Playful Learning in Higher Education

The traditional paradigm holds that learning needs to be serious. If you’re having fun, you’re doing something wrong. Learning is meant to be hard work. It needs to be done in an orderly, disciplined fashion – the students silent as the lecturer speaks. Lees verder “Playful Learning in Higher Education”

Learning Experience Design (LXD)

To be a designer you have to think like a designer. Good design, in my opinion, means having the ability to empathise with the person you are designing for. It doesn’t matter whether that is a user, and we are talking user experience design (UX), a customer, meaning customer experience design (CX) or a learner, and we are therefore talking about learning design or even more on trend…’learning experience design'(LXD). Lees verder “Learning Experience Design (LXD)”

A Need for Disruption in Higher Education

On the surface, higher education is a nice idea. You go in, pick a subject you like, learn from the experts, and leave being job- and future-ready. This is why so many people decide to go to college. Yet just because so many people are doing it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good thing to do. Lees verder “A Need for Disruption in Higher Education”

Streetart As A Learning Environment

Streetart and especially graffiti is one of the rawest expression and one of the safest of urban art. Graffiti ranges from the simplest of tags through the most complex of artistic creations. A tag is an individual sign, mostly a stylised name. The term streetart and graffiti relates to the fact that the art is unsanctioned, placed in public and often unwanted. Lees verder “Streetart As A Learning Environment”

How to Update Higher Education

It’s time to ask ourselves the question: how to update the educational system? How can higher education tackle the technological, environmental, and social disruptions of the 21st century? Lees verder “How to Update Higher Education”

Ambassador of Pilots in Chaos

Chaos, complexity and failing forward is something start-ups do. Order, structure and measured learning is what educational institutions do. That sounds contradictory, and what can we learn from it. Lees verder “Ambassador of Pilots in Chaos”

Great Teacher Profile

Who is a good teacher? We can all spot them! We would describe one as: dependable, proactive, hardworking, a great leader, and a great follower. This brings a wide variety of easily defined, but hard to find, competences to the table. But is good good enough? Is it not time to look for great teachers? Lees verder “Great Teacher Profile”

Deep Learning Isn’t Fast

When students do not understand how their brains learn and retain material, they can develop misconceptions about themselves as learners — such as a faulty assumption that they are bad at a subject or that they suffer from performance anxiety. Lees verder “Deep Learning Isn’t Fast”