20% time 4 U

Have you ever met an adult who doesn’t really love what he or she does? They seems to go through the motions in their job and everyday life. Have you ever spoken with someone who constantly complain, showing no passion for anything in the world? I’m sure that, like me, you have met those people. (meer…)


Future Trends With Impact On Education

As reflection on education and learning turns into aspirations it is important to be aware of shift in education that is happening. A few trends about learning and education will help you to become an active changemaker in education. It’s a time of new possibilities for teaching and learning. Please take your responsibility as a teacher. (meer…)

Success & Innovation Mindset

What do students need to know and be able to be successful? Content knowledge and problem solving gives you something to work with, but what else is important in life? It turns out there are a bunch of factors that universities seldom talk about, teach, or provide feedback on that are at least as important as academic skills. (meer…)

Da Vinci Vibes

As a performance coach of students I like the time we are in. For me it’s an interesting and at the same time challenging time where learning and education is developing fast. In an increasingly interconnected world, young minds can act on innovation much faster than before. It can be scary sometimes for students to experience their impact and possibilities. This blog is about my idea of creating a learning experience for students where they feel challenged to discover their potential to develop meaningful ideas with impact. (meer…)

DT to Improve the Academic Experience

In education we do not typically engage our users — our students — to tackle some of the problems in education. But with a fast growing interest in user experience design we can’t neglect our students anymore. Design thinking can be very useful to provide insights for curriculum development and learning culture. User-centered design can make students feel valued and help them build the communication and self-regulation skills they need. It can be a great way find some answers to the question: how to improve the academic experience. (meer…)

DIY Mindset in Learning

It’s about diving in head first, a DIY approach, looking at things from different angles. This is what the world’s greatest minds do naturally. It’s from this method that we gain higher order knowledge and understanding. (meer…)

Realizing the Entrepreneur-shift

To be successful in the world of today and in the future you need to have an open, curious mindset ready to make things happen. It’s all about the shift from a predict and control mentality towards the entrepreneurs mentality (also called intrepreneurship). There are several ways to support the process of becoming an entrepreneur at work (entrepreneur-shift). (meer…)