Professional Activism?

What comes to mind when you think of ‘profes­sional activism’? (Inspired by Tara Goode) Images of picket signs and strike lines? Press confer­ences and letters to the editor? Politics? Social justice? Environ­men­talism? What about manage­ment meetings, commit­tees and workgroups and education?

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Freedom as Motivation for Learning

In the following blogpost, I outline my understanding of liberty as the primary leitmotiv for education. I illustrate the essence of freedom as fundamental motivation for education by exploring the meaning of taking care of oneself, and the concept of finding inner and external liberation. While I do not believe that the proposed motivations need to be made explicit in all learning projects and practices, we should promote their essence in everything we do.

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Reflection on Higher Education

A fundamental change is needed to curricula based on national restrictions or we do a disservice to students. I would say that higher education needs to teach students a wider understanding of the world they’re growing up in rather than just teaching skills for future employment and cramming their heads full of facts. Higher education has become a bit joyless as a result of the’ mostly narrow competence models which are information heavy and traditionalist. We need to start doing things very fundamentally differently or we are going to do a disservice to the present generation of students as well as those from years to come.

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Future Of Education And Future Of Work — Do They Match?

The future of work is unfolding before us. Digitalization, remote work, employee empowerment and workforce diversity are historically high and the economy is thriving. Similarly, higher education is also undergoing a modern renovation as more online courses, virtual study groups, and digital learning management systems are incorporated into instructional design. Both industries are on a clear and quick path through the fourth industrial revolution the and toward the dynamics of collaboration. But are they on the same path? Lees verder “Future Of Education And Future Of Work — Do They Match?”

Teaching in Times of the Corona Crisis is about Hope

Many posts are offering tips, do’s and don’t’s or teaching strategies to support students and help them continue to learn during this time of uncertainty. Lees verder “Teaching in Times of the Corona Crisis is about Hope”

Higher Education Has to Adapt Fast to the Corona Crisis.

With a close down of buildings and even complete lockdowns higher education suddenly shifted to online teaching. A forced experiment of enormous scale. What can we learn from it? Lees verder “Higher Education Has to Adapt Fast to the Corona Crisis.”

Stop Giving Grades in Higher Education

Grades define the contours of our higher educational system. Our society is even structurally dependent on grading performance. Just look at how the best jobs go to the students with the best grades. At first glance, the large-scale implementation of grades seems like a textbook example of efficiency improvement. Grades function as a simple and immediate feedback mechanism. They allow differences between students to be quantified and permit teachers to process more students in a shorter period of time. However, upon closer inspection, essential questions arise: Lees verder “Stop Giving Grades in Higher Education”

Why Company Goals Don’t Turn Into Employee Goals

Key performance indicators (KPI), objectives and key results (OKR) , and big hairy audacious goals (bhag’s) aren’t that great at motivating or evaluating people. Lees verder “Why Company Goals Don’t Turn Into Employee Goals”

Limitations of Competencies in Higher Education

Higher education is undergoing a significant transformation that is leading towards a new teaching and learning paradigm. The competencies approach has a key role in this process. But I believe that the competence approach has a number of limitations and weaknesses. Time for a critical analysis of the concept of competence as it is being used in higher education. Lees verder “Limitations of Competencies in Higher Education”

Ambassador of Pilots in Chaos

Chaos, complexity and failing forward is something start-ups do. Order, structure and measured learning is what educational institutions do. That sounds contradictory, and what can we learn from it. Lees verder “Ambassador of Pilots in Chaos”