P.E. a Full-Grown Profession?

Exergaming appears to increase acute physical activity among users and is being used in school settings because it is appealing to students. Despite active research in the area of exergaming, exergaming utility for increasing acute and habitual physical activity specifically in the physical education setting has yet to be confirmed. (meer…)


Is This the Art of Teaching? 

The traditional paradigm of teaching is under pressure. Many proposals to professionalize teaching are common today. But many people avoid the dialoque about a new paradigm. There is a need to translate new insights about cognitive science related to how students learn. In this post I try to apply some of those insights to the art of teaching. (meer…)

Against The Stream

When I was young there was not so much guidance at school. Luckely my mother had some sort of an idea to keep me happy. I felt misunderstood, many times. Not that I was a bad kid or anything but I needed to be on the water to understand life. I needed to question education to understand learning. Inspired by Dennis Stehr (Mr. Probz) I wrote this post. (meer…)

Reality Pedagogy

Teaching is about more than just having a bunch of information to disseminate to the empty vessels- students- in front of you.
The concept behind reality pedagogy is that before teachers can teach anything, they must understand the realities of their students. (meer…)

Why I Work in Education

I call myself a gentle disruptor. Sometimes it is a real struggle for me. Work as an educational disruptor mostly doesn’t pay. It’s against the main stream. Many of you might think I am, at least a bit, crazy. Why am I doing it? ‘A better education for students so we can build a better world’ might feel vague and unreal to you. With expressing deeply held convictions you could loose friends and image. Yet having chosen this path I find it very enriching too. For me fulfillment and meaning are the best drugs there is. That is why I’m working hard to make learning awesome and significant. (meer…)

Learning Is Living It Out

During my work as a lecturer, performance coach and blogger I invested in empowering people around me. As a teacher/coach I coached students to take the extra mile. I listened, I lecturered, I coached on mindset and confidence. I supported students, I worked with them. I am proud of them. I am grateful to work with young people who have a passion for teaching and learning or a passion to make a difference.  (meer…)

Why Educational Change Often Fails

Jobs of the future will require creativity, imagination and experience. We have to prepare young people to live in that future.
So far we can distinguish 3 major waves of technological development: steam power and locomotive, electricity and automobile, and high tech. We are about to enter a fourth wave. A wave of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. This wave will drive the economy, our future. This will have a huge impact on learning. But will it have an impact on education? (meer…)