Making Reflection Meaningful

Reflection can be an accelorator for learning. Deep learning asks for meaningful reflection. Meaningful reflection is metacognitive, applicable, and shared with others. But how can we make reflection meaningful? Let’s look at each of these characteristics. (meer…)


Be Your Own Change Agent

For me it is always time to explore the future of learning. It requires that I take time to reflect. That I understand more explicitly which values and priorities underpin and connects all of the opportunities surrounding me. (meer…)



Summertime once meant something really special. With its sunshine and downtime, ice cream and made-up games. Summertime was once the coincidence of a child’s desire and the catalyst for tremendous growth. What bloomed there was resourcefulness, imagination and something that is so scarce even today: a sense of self.


That’s why I want summer to feel like summer again. Free to play — yes, even as students — free to live their own lives and learn something about who they are, and who they hope to be. I hope my own children will spend the summer running around with friends. Come home breathless and wide-eyed from adventure. Afternoons that turns into evenings, with little regard for bedtime or what was on the schedule for tomorrow!
I’m enjoying my summer, reflect and will be sharing new blogpost on the 13th of August.