Open-ended Learning in Higher Education

An open-ended tasks aims at complex problem-solving skills by confronting students with a realistic problem in a learning environment with a large amount of learner control and different tools. Lees verder “Open-ended Learning in Higher Education”

Reinventing Education For The Future Of Work

Ken Robinson holds the distinction of having the most viewed TED talk ever. He rails against an education system that was forged in the heat of the industrial revolution to create a workforce fit to perform the one task they would have to perform for the entirety of their working lives. Lees verder “Reinventing Education For The Future Of Work”

Understanding Complexity is Our Future

Most of the time, we never invent anything new! I would love to invent some revolutionary learning journey, but it’s more likely to transform what is already there. Sometimes we are faced with a challenge, we are then ‘inspired’, and stimulated to do the ‘right thing’……… This is when the adventure of creation begins. Lees verder “Understanding Complexity is Our Future”

What Is Curriculum Development

This blog will explain what curriculum development is. Why is it important for teachers? I also will explain three types of curriculum design. Lees verder “What Is Curriculum Development”

Higher Education for a Hyper-Connected World

The world has become a global knowledge society of interconnected and interdependent human activity that increasingly shares common ways to communicate and interact. The world has become more homogeneous at the global level, but still remains highly heterogeneous at the local level. Lees verder “Higher Education for a Hyper-Connected World”

Streetart As A Learning Environment

Streetart and especially graffiti is one of the rawest expression and one of the safest of urban art. Graffiti ranges from the simplest of tags through the most complex of artistic creations. A tag is an individual sign, mostly a stylised name. The term streetart and graffiti relates to the fact that the art is unsanctioned, placed in public and often unwanted. Lees verder “Streetart As A Learning Environment”

‘Phygital’ the New Learning Space?

I think the future learning space is a space where physical and digital won’t be apart. The ‘classroom’ is probably one of the first environments where this synergy will come true. It will, potentially, impact every aspect of the learning experience. This means; on teachers, students and learning methods. Lees verder “‘Phygital’ the New Learning Space?”

Education Is A Practice Of Freedom

I want to create learning spaces that introduces perspectives that are different from the normative ways of looking at the world. In this learning space the need for social change through formal and informal educational strategies for empowering the self and building community is addressed. Lees verder “Education Is A Practice Of Freedom”

Changing Models of Higher Education

The traditional college experience is changing, just like the demand for DIY degrees and life long learning. Some personal thoughts about it.
Below are three directions that may emerge based on working, reading, experience and reflective thinking. Lees verder “Changing Models of Higher Education”

Complexity Oriented Learning, A Promise?

Our world is full of complex causalities. Understanding complex causal systems is fundamental to navigating the contemporary world. Awakening learners to these more complex patterns is half the battle. The other half concerns how easily we can overlook what’s going on. Lees verder “Complexity Oriented Learning, A Promise?”