Higher Education Future Forward

Forecasting the future is always a difficult affair, especially in this age of rapidly changing technology and times. So this ‘forecast’ is based on experience, reading, watching and personal meaning. I’m working hard to make learning awesome and significant. That’s why I want to share this and interact on it. (meer…)


Dealing With Uncertainty

When we talk about innovation in higher education, what we are talking about is how to manage uncertainty and complexity. Complex systems share many of the attributes of biological systems. In these kind of systems the environment is constantly in flux and the ways forward are not clear, rather emerge as agents interact with their environment. (meer…)

Embrace Uncertainty to be Future-Proof

Recently I have had some interesting conversations where management asked me ‘how to’ future proof education and their organisation. Can we protect us against black swans in a time of raging uncertainty? Personally I think the focus on future-proofness is wrong. A focus on proof strives for a kind of certainty, or even evidence on a subject – the future – that is inherently unknown to all of us. It leads to wanting to ‘define’ and not ‘interpret’ future events, to control your destiny. (meer…)

Teacher Leadership

There’s a growing consensus among students, parents, teachers and education leaders that the current education system isn’t appropriately preparing young people for the future. (meer…)

Transmission Of Knowledge Is Not Enough

It is my believe that the aim of education should be to build in each student strong theoretical foundations to help future professionals to be educated rather than trained. Professionals that are capable of understanding the complexities of the organic society. I have always been uncomfortable with labels, recipes and linear models for preparing professionals at all levels. While I appreciate their methodologies, we must always remember the dependent relationship between theory and praxis. Theory and praxis should be interrelated. There is no applied scientific discipline if there is no discipline to apply. (meer…)

Exergaming a New Approach for Physical Education?

In institutionalized education, the main goal has been developing children’s cognitive capacity in the sense of learning knowledge in academic disciplines. This goal dictates a learning environment in which seated learning behavior is considered appropriate, effective and is rewarded. Physical education as part of education provides the only opportunity for all children to learn about physical movement and engage in physical activity. (meer…)

Values for the Future

Today’s students are largely affected by the technology around them. This has changed the way they think, act and communicate. These new behaviours can be very challenging to teachers, who did not grow up with this kind of technology. (meer…)